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How $PRIMAL Staking Works

PRIMAL features perpetual staking. This means that you stake once to access all upcoming ecosystem benefits and opportunities. You get access to PRIMAL NFTs, yield, and pretty much everything else.

The staking campaign begins with PRIMAL NFTs. Rather than sell the first NFTs to the community, we choose a community-centric approach and offer these ‘earn-enabled’ NFTs for free.

Further benefits to staking $PRIMAL include:

Free PRIMAL NFTs at launch
Exclusive PRIMAL NFTs
Trading fee discounts
Inner Circle Access
Activated earnings
DAO Power
Staking yield

By staking once, you’ll get access to all upcoming benefits as long as your tokens remain staked. The staking is flexible and has no lock - you can unstake any time. There is a cooldown period of 20 days, meaning once you want to exit, you have to wait 20 days.

If you want to immediately unstake, you can skip the cooldown period and do it immediately. The fee for removing the cooldown period is 20%. This amount goes to the DAO treasury, which can vote to burn it, reducing the $PRIMAL supply forever.

Learning from the success of Step App’s perpetual staking contract, which attracted 100,000 unique staked wallets, we’re proud to present the same method to our community. We believe this form of staking is in the best interest of the community as a one-time stake opens opportunities to almost everything happening in the ecosystem.

Further benefits to staking $PRIMAL include:

Stake $PRIMAL once our staking program starts
Gain access to a vast number of benefits and rewards
Share your staked referral link, bring your friends into the world of PRIMAL and receive even more rewards